Marťa + Miloš

Okoř 12. Sep 2020


I know Martina from Week of life project. It is a digital photo diary, 9 photos per day for seven days. Behind this project there is hiding absolutely amazing comunity of people who are connected by one thing. Love for photo. We met many times with Martina on Week of life meetings and then we spent time on a tramp in Brdy mountains together. I will never forget how she  tripped in a pool of mud. She was absolutely wet and dirty. She began to laugh instead of swearing. She laughed at herself so much she started to cry. It was very funny moment. I was very pleased when she asked me to be her wedding photographer. I new that this love celebration will have a spirit of exceptionality. And it was the truth! They invited just close friends and got married with Miloš in an intimate atmosphere at Okoř castle.


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